Ti Pin Teo

Director, Strategy and Risk Management at SMRT Trains Ltd

Ti Pin is a seasoned, passionate risk management advocate and the Director of strategy and risk management in SMRT Trains, the leading metro operator in Singapore. His vast portfolio integrates the key aspects of strategic planning, risk management and business continuity management. He was instrumental in harmonizing the key management systems effectively through a risk based approach, to aim management decision making and sustain a competitive edge for the organisation. The strategy and risk function that Ti Pin leads is a key risk advisory to the Management Team and the Board. With Ti Pin’s leadership and passion in risk management, the best practice has promulgated throughout the
organisation, top-down and ground-up.

As the senior risk leader within the organisation, Ti Pin has coached countless number of colleagues on the risk management process, but more importantly, the internalized, bespoke risk management framework curated for SMRT Trains Ltd. This is to ensure maximum relevance and effectiveness in driving performance and risk management.  Internationally, Ti Pin is also a well-recognised risk leader. He has influenced and instill confidence to many similar-minded and/or budding risk managers to build their own risk management system best suited for their respective organisation and business.

Over the past two pandemic-hit years, the resilience and mettle of Singapore’s land transport system has been tested and proven. While Covid-19 posed unprecedented challenges to Singapore’s public transport industry and SMRT, a One Team spirit with strong partnerships between the Government, regulator and public transport operators have ensured that we emerged stronger. SMRT remained steadfast in our commitment to deliver a safe, reliable, and commuter-centred public transport service despite Covid-19 restrictions. Through a mature risk management system put in place and led by Ti Pin, SMRT has been able to navigate the rough waters, harnessed opportunities from risks, and emerged stronger.