Judging Criteria


All submissions will be judged by our independent experts from across various industries and disciplines.

There are two sets of criteria that will underlie the judgement process:
general criteria & specific criteria.

General Criteria

The general criteria includes three points that the judges will be looking for in all entries regardless of the category. It includes concept, execution, and impact.


The relevancy and uniqueness of the approach: how does it fit with the character of the organization, the industry, the challenges, and the strategic directions where the organization is heading to.


The thoroughness and timeliness of the approach, how the organization is able to tackle specific strategic challenges with a solid risk management approach.


Result of the initiative. What is the scale of the benefit/impact that the approach has on what the organization is facing.

This year ASEAN Risk Awards will continue using the PDCA Cycle, which stands for Plan, Do, Check, and Action.

Specific Criteria

The judges will also look for additional criteria exclusive to each category. These specific criteria are different across categories. Click on the category to learn its specific criteria.

ASEAN Risk Champion Award

Success in implementing integrated risk management that ensures superior value creation and protection.


Success in elevating the overall organization performance through integrated GRC approach implementation.

Risk Innovation & Technology Award

Success in creating or utilizing new and creative approach in risk management through technological solutions.

Public Initiative Award

Success in designing or delivering creative solutions that has or is expected to serve public interest.

Risk Culture Award

Success in delivering effective and efficient method in building risk management competency.

ESRM Pioneer Award

Success in managing environmental and social risk faced by organizations while positively contributing to the society.

Risk Professional of the Year

Success in promoting risk culture within the corporate structure, applying innovative approaches for tackling challenges in risk management implementation and possessing leadership competencies to support risk management programs.

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