Award Categories

Emphasizing different achievement, innovation, and leadership in Risk Management, there are 7 categories to be awarded in the ASEAN Risk Awards.



Six categories will be awarded to organizations. These categories are: Risk Champion, GRC Award, Risk Innovation, Risk Technology, Public Initiative, and Risk Educator. Further, organization entries will also be divided based on organization scale:

  • category 1 with sales turnover less than USD 75 million or less than 200 employees
  • category 2 with sales turnover more than USD 75 million or more than 200 employees



Previously known as Risk Leader of The Year, the individual category will still be present this year with the new name of Risk Professional of The Year.

Find more detailed info for each category below.

Risk Champion

This award is presented to the organization that has proven itself to be able to lead ground-breaking Risk Management approach that tackles the challenges and exploit opportunities in today’s world.

GRC Award

This award recognizes organizations with outstanding capability in embracing the challenges of integrating Good Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance in their organizations.

Risk Innovation

As innovation leads us to a better world, we are delighted to discover companies that have contributed to the advancement of Risk Management knowledge and practice by finding new ways in its implementation.

Risk Technology

Risk Technology is given for consulting firms for utilizing or inventing new technology to deliver a seamless Risk Management practices.

Public Initiative

This award is presented to the organization that has demonstrated the most success in developing a product or innovation of any kind, in public sector area, that is focusing to help many citizens to live a better life.

Risk Educator

We are also in search for the most innovative risk educator in Southeast Asia. This award will be given to the organization that has invented and implemented new, innovative ways to learn Risk Management.

Risk Professional of The Year

The aspects that need to be recognized in this individual include the ability to effectively communicate the importance of Risk Management within the corporate structure, the ability to seek innovative approaches for solving complex problems, and the possession of outstanding leadership skills & ability to help others develop quality Risk Management programs.

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