Satpal Singh

Chief Governance & Risk Officer at PLUS

Satpal brings 18 years of regional experience and is now with PLUS Malaysia Berhad, ASEAN’s largest highway operator. PLUS footprint spans from the borders of Singapore, across Malaysia into Thailand and has been a key catalyst for the economic development in the region.

Satpal was appointed on PLUS Senior Leadership Team since 2019 and established PLUS’ Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Function from the ground, which today, has a front row seat at strategic and operational decision making at PLUS. Satpal reports to the Managing Director of PLUS as well as
the Chairman of a special Board GRC Committee.

As PLUS views and values risk thinking as a strategic tool for decision making, Satpal is invited to attend all Group Level Board Committees including the Board Audit, Investment, Nomination & Remuneration Committee meetings.

Satpal plays a role not only in providing strategic advice, but also to deliver on high-risk projects and advocating the importance risk practices locally and internationally. Satpal has been instrumental leading his team to win various awards including Strategic Risk Asia award for best Risk Management Practice in Asia Pacific and Malaysian Institute of Risk Management’s (MARIM) award for Best Risk Management Team and Program. The management has entrusted Satpal with a portfolio to lead in the areas of Risk Management, Business Continuity, Compliance, Ethics & Integrity, Sustainability and Special Projects. He is a core member for seven (7) Senior Management Level Committees, where he plays a huge role in ensuring all decisions made take into consideration governance, risk and compliance implications.

Satpal’s enhancement of Risks Management practices include

  • Developing a comprehensive Risk Management Framework with interactive guidelines, tools and templates to rollout across PLUS
  • Establishing a Management Risk Committee, comprising of C-Suites and Divisional Heads, to oversee and embed risk practices
  • Appointing working level Risk Champions across the organizations (both divisions and geographical locations) and gamification of risk management to strengthen risk culture
  • Introduced dynamic approaches for Risk Management resulting in top down Corporate Risk Reports and bottom-up Business Function Risk Profiles, Project Risk Profiles
  • Active identification of Risk as part of Strategy and Annual operating plans
  • Personal mentoring to each member of the team as well as providing certification and career development