Kusumo Prasetyo

Senior Expert of Risk Management & Chief Auditor Executive at PT Hutama Karya

Our daily activities are not solely for the benefit of ourselves and the company we work for but should have a contribution to the environment.

Hutama Karya (HK) is Indonesia’s leading State-Owned Enterprise, before being named HK Chief Audit Executive (CAE) in May 2023, Kusumo Prasetyo was HK Senior Expert of Risk Management and was generally responsible for ensuring the achievement of risk management objectives. Currently, as the CAE, he remains committed to overseeing the risk management process in order to management is successful to maintain risk below its risk appetite by implementing Risk Based Internal Auditing.

Kusumo earned an MBA from Philippines Christian University in Manila, Philippines and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Diponegoro University in Semarang, Indonesia.

His Work experience and education both domestically and abroad is a strong basis for managing the risks of the company and its subsidiaries. International achievements in the field of construction is the award The Best Project in the world 1999 by ENR US Magazine at Metro Manila Skyway Project, Manila, Philippines while in the field of risk management, he has been nominated for the second time as ASEAN risk professional of the year.

The assignment from the Indonesian government to build the Trans Sumatra Toll Road as the longest toll road in Indonesia requires quite complex risk management. The risk management infrastructure with the PDCA principle in the form of an IT-based system develop by him has proven its reliability during the Covid 19 pandemic with HK’s success in building the length of toll roads according to the target assigned by the Indonesian government.

His contribution to the global environment which is in line with his motto can be seen in environmental mitigations such as crossing wildlife roads, tree planting, green building for HK head office and as speaker of ESG & QHSE in several government and educational institutions. In the middle of the 2023 HK is the first State-Owned Enterprise to receive the Main Predicate of Sustainable Construction in Indonesia and the only one at this time. Furthermore, all HK projects will follow the certification process. This will make a great contribution to the global environment. Little steps that have a big impact on the global.

Apart from structural positions, he also serves as HK Subject Matter Expert (SME). SME is an employee who has a deep understanding (knowledge and expertise) in one of the critical knowledge at HK. Critical knowledge is a field of knowledge that strategically helps the company’s business in accordance with the vision, mission, company strategy and long-term plans of the company. As a Subject Expert, in addition to being the company’s internal speaker, he has been a speaker at various government, private and educational institutions including Central Bank of Indonesia.

Winning the Best GRC for Corporate Risk Management 2022 and The Best GRC for Corporate Culture 2022 awards from Business News Indonesia, is one of its roles in contributing to the company.